Jacob's Creek Chardonnay 750ml [WINE]
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A modern Australian Chardonnay which is soft and well-rounded, which showcases a range of ripe fruit flavours. A medium-bodied wine with notes of melon, peach and citrus supported with toasted oak and textural creaminess. Grapes are selected from a variety of parcels, resulting in lively citrus notes. Extended yeast contact and malolactic fermentation adds complexity. TASTING NOTES Colour: Pale straw with a touch of green. Aroma: Ripe melon and zesty citrus. Taste: Melon and stone fruit with refreshing citrus, a creamy mouthfeel and a touch of toasty oak. ENJOY WITH Roast chicken, seafood or creamy pasta dishes. FLAVOR / TASTING NOTES Colour: Pale straw with green hues. Taste: Cashew and citrus flavours with a creamy mouth feel and soft finish. A delicate wine to be savoured. Aroma: Lemon and green apple with toasy notes. FOOD PAIRING Ideal accompaniment to cream-based pasta dishes or roasted chicken.

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