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Galacto Bombs Lactation Treats - Cookies
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Galacto Bombs Lactation Treats - Cookies Galacto Bomb Choco Chip -10 pcs Galacto Bomb Cookies per Tub Galacto Bomb Double Choco Chip -10 pcs Galacto Bomb Cookies per Tub Galacto Bomb Red Velvet (NEW ITEM!) -10 pcs Galacto Bomb Cookies per Tub *FREE (1) Mama Essentials Breastfeeding Statement Mug for every 10 tubs of Galcatobombs Yummy lactation treats that boost your milk supply! Delicious and healthy lactation treats safe for everyone, not only for moms, but dads and kids can eat it too. It's packed with superfoods OATS, FLAX SEED, and BREWER'S YEAST to help you boost your breastmilk supply! Individually packed to keep the freshness of your goodies, to satisfy your sweet tooth anytime, anywhere ^^ You can eat up to 4 treats a day, 1 treat an hour before pumping or feeding. Refrigerate or freeze for longer shelf life. You can thaw it for a few seconds or minutes in the oven :) Special Note: - Please KEEP REFRIGERATED. (Cookies Ref and Bars Freezer) - Please consume immediately before expiry date. - We will replace only 7 days upon receipt of the Cookies/Bars. Subject for investigation and approval. Disclaimer: We do our best to pack your treats very well. Cookies and Bars are individually wrapped. However, the tub may be damage during transit since we can not guarantee couriers handling. Mama Essentials PH will not be liable for damage incurred during transit.

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