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Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner Classic 500ml Bottle
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Bathrooms and toilets are the ideal breeding grounds for illness-causing viruses and bacteria. It's important to have an all-around, versatile household cleaner and bathroom cleaner at the ready to protect your family. For a powerful, bleach-based toilet cleaner, use the Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner Disinfectant Classic Germ Kill Expert 500ml Bottle.

Known as a GERM KILL EXPERT, the Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner Disinfectant Classic Germ in the classic variant disinfects and kills 99.9% of germs, including coronavirus (based on lab tests). Because of its ultra thick bleach formulation, the Domex Blue provides 3x longer protection than laundry bleach (based on technical test vs. brand x). It's best used pure on toilet bowls to remove tough stains. An effective and powerful household cleaner and disinfectant, it also helps prevent mold, disinfects surfaces, and eliminates unwanted odor—effectively leaving your bathroom cleaner clean. If you want to keep germs and illness-causing viruses and bacteria away, make sure you have the Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner Disinfectant Classic Germ Kill Expert at home.

Available in 500ml and 900ml bottle. Also available in Lemon and Pink Power variants.

Domex is trusted by the Philippine Public Health Association.



1. Direct and squeeze nozzle under toilet rim.

2. After 20 mins. brush lightly and flush.


1. Use 2 capfuls in 1/2 bucket of water (2.5L).

2. Use solution to clean different surfaces and floors.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not mix Domex with acidic chemicals or cleaners such as muriatic acid. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Avoid contact with eyes. May cause eye irritation. Wash hands thoroughly after using the product. Do not remove label until bottle is empty and rinsed. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT MIX WITH ACID.

Domex, the unstoppable germ-kill expert. Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner Disinfectant Germ Kill Expert

• Very versatile and can be used to clean bathrooms and other surfaces at home

• A GERM KILL EXPERT that kills 99.9% of germs including coronavirus based on lab test

• Due to its ultra thick bleach consistency, it gives 3x longer protection vs thin bleach based on lab tests

• Removes tough stains and disinfects surfaces, leaving your bathroom cleaner and fresher

• Easy to use with its nozzle, just apply directly under toilet rim

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