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Fish Scale Juice Cup Glass Water Cup Milk Tea Cup Creative Beer Cup DSY023-2-DSZB023-240
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⭐Brand: 💕 ⭐Material: Lead-free glass ⭐Color:Clear ⭐Item No:DSY023-2 ✅Size: CALIBER:70mm,LOW:65mm,HIGH:130mm ⭐Capacity: 185ML ⭐Quantity:1PCS ⭐Packing: 6PCS COLOR BOX,12SET/CTN ⭐Item No:DSZB023-170 ✅Size: CALIBER:65mm,LOW:58mm,HIGH:108mm ⭐Capacity: 165mlML ⭐Quantity:1PCS ⭐Packing: 6PCS COLOR BOX,12SET/CTN ⭐Item No:DSZB023-240 ✅Size: CALIBER:69mm,LOW:63mm,HIGH:125mm ⭐Capacity: 240ML ⭐Quantity:1PCS ⭐Packing: 6PCS COLOR BOX,8SET/CTN 🌟Product features: ⭐1. The product structure is firm, durable and not easily damaged. ⭐2. The glass raw materials are selected carefully, pure and lead-free, fine processing, high white glass and transparent High transparency, crystal clear, close to crystal glass. ⭐3. The glass has heavy weight, strong texture and strong resistance to breakage. ⭐4. The hand feels round and comfortable; the glass gloss and transparency will last for a long time. 🌟cleaning method: ⭐1. Put the water cup into the water with detergent (toothpaste can also be applied), and use a steel wire ball or a thicker washing tool to clean the water cup until there is no oil stains. ⭐2. Pinch a part under the cup with your hand, rinse back and forth with clean water, and avoid touching the cup with others. ⭐3. Put the washed water cup upside down on the mouth cloth, do not wipe or touch it until it is completely dry. 🌟Notes: ⭐1. About size: Due to different shooting angles, some visual errors will be caused. There are detailed size instructions in the product description. Buyers are advised to bring their own rulers for measurement✅ ⭐2. Regarding chromatic aberration: The products are all taken in kind. Due to objective reasons, such as different light angles and different displays, a certain chromatic aberration will be caused. Please understand ✅ ⭐3. Most of the goods in the store are fragile and fragile, please handle them carefully and store them out of the reach of children✅ ⭐4.After receiving the product, please contact us if you have any questions. ✅ ⭐5. Regarding damage: Our store solemnly acknowledges that the packaging has been damaged during transportation. You can contact customer service within 24 hours after receiving the product to help you deal with the product ⭐6.Thank you for your five-star review.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #CUP #MUG #DSY023-2 #DELISOGA

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