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Christmas Support Led Parol Light Lantern Seasonal Lights Outdoor Decoration (FLASH)DECORATIVE WALL
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WELCOME TO SUYANG.SHOP🥰📦 Description: • Lightweight • User-Friendly • Colorful • Energy Saving • Add beauty and to environment • Improve the look of your house internally and externally • It brings magical feeling to the season • Crafted with Love and aglow with the spirit of Season. * No Sound Features: 1. A variety of styles 2. LED Lights 3. Safe 4. Energy Saving 5. With a second connection plug Rated set Voltage: 230V a.c. Rated set Frequency: 60hz Rated set Wattage: 3.5W #suyang #lights #parol #lantern #christmasdecor #cod #shopee.ph #seasonaldecor #walldecorative

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