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CD Foldable Cabinet Organizer for Clothes Storage Durabox with Magnetic Suction Door Kitchen Cabinet
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🤔🤔🤔Question List🤔🤔🤔

❓Q1: Does the cabinet has wheels?

-Yes, our cabinet has 🛞wheels🛞

❓Q4: How do you package my mops?

-A: We will pack the mop in a carton and protected with bubble bags on the outside.


⭐ The highest quality, made of new PP material, with a smooth surface and easy to wipe with a soft cloth

⭐ Foldable, detachable, single drawer is a folding box

⭐ Multifunctional, large capacity, 65L/85L

⭐ Transparent gray door, magnetic suction door, convenient for opening and closing

⭐ The bottom pulley design is easy to move.

⭐ Can be used as a bedside table, living room side table, bedroom storage, wardrobe

⭐ The overall structure is stable, not prone to collapse, and has good load-bearing and compressive capacity.

⭐ Storage space: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, inspection room, Utility room, nursery, office, entrance.


⭐Q: What should I do if I receive damaged or missing parts?

⭐A: Please don't give 1-2 star rating,do not apply for a refund immediately, contact customer service immediately, we will reissue the accessories with you

⭐Q: How to assemble the product

⭐A: Contact customer service for installation video

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✔️We will be responsible for any non-man-made problems. Remember to contact us as soon as possible.

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⭐Customer information, such as name, address, contact information, etc., cannot be changed after placing an order. If you fill in the wrong information, please reorder

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