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AVA Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker 2L/4L low sugar, desugarizing, Starch Removing, Multi-cooker
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SPECS: 2L Model Option for Rice OR Low-Carb Rice 3 cups cooked LOW-CARB rice 7 cups cooked NORMAL rice 220~240V/60Hz, 500W LED display 7 Cooking Functions (Rice, Low-Carb Rice, Mixed Rice, Soup/Porridge, Steam Cook, Steam Wash, Keep Warm) 2~12 hour preset timer Accessories (measure cup, rice spoon, soup spoon) ICC Certified Unique Functions: * Drains starch & possible chemicals off * Steam-Cook method generates Resistant Starch content in rice * Inspires original texture & taste of rice COOK LOW CARB RICE EFFORTLESSLY – The AVA Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker makes healthy eating effortless. Using a patented technology, it cooks rice using the traditional steam method of cooking. Using more than 900 fine holes on an inner pot, the AVA rice cooker separates the excess rice water, starch and other possible chemical from the rice. This allows only steam to fully cook every grain of rice inside a steam chamber. • HEALTHY EATING - Low carb rice is a good rice choice for diabetics, senior citizens and health conscious individuals. It can remove unhealthy digestive starch by more than 50% and increase healthy resistant starch, tested and verified by SGS International. Because the AVA rice cooker separates the unwanted rice water, the resulting rice has a significantly reduced Sugar (-33%), Calories (-49%) and Carbohydrates (-43%), without any reduction in the volume of rice that can be eaten. The process also eliminates possible chemicals that are found in most of the water sources, and unwashed rice grains. • PROFESSIONAL MULTI-COOKER - 7 Pre-programmed settings to cook Plain white rice, Low Carb Rice, Brown/Mixed rice, Soup/Porridge, Steam Wash, Steam Cooking, and Keep Warm function. • SMART FUNCTIONS IN A SINGLE TOUCH – All of the above functions are just a single touch away. LED Touch buttons control all the functions in a stylish display. • EASY TO USE & CLEAN- LED smart digital panel display makes it easy to read and use. With the non-stick inner pot, detachable inner lid and electromagnetic valve, and removable rice water storage drawer, it's easy to remove and reattach for cleaning. The inner pot has more than 900 fine holes to filter the unneeded water and is non-stick for easy cleaning. The Rice Water storage drawer allows you to collect the nutritious rice water “rice am” for young individuals. • IDEAL FOR – people who wants healthy eating, people with high blood sugar, Diabetic, Senior citizens, Fitness Conscious individuals, people cutting down on carbohydrates. AVA Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker 4L Description 4L Capacity Can cook up to 10 cups of low carb rice LED Display / Touch Control Panel 5 Cooking Functions ( Rice, Brown Rice, Reheat, Soup/Porridge, Steam) Package includes (measure cup, rice spoon, soup spoon,Steam plate)

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